Household Cleaning Routine

Household Cleaning Routine

Keeping your home spick and span can sometimes feel like an impossible undertaking. But one of the best ways to ensure the task is not daunting is to set a cleaning schedule. Creating a house cleaning schedule will help to ensure every part of your home is clean., including areas you rarely pay attention to. With the right household cleaning routine, your home will stay clean throughout.

Household Cleaning Routine

If you want to clean your house like a professional, it is crucial to have a cleaning routine. In this article, we’ll point out how to come up with a household cleaning routine that will ensure your home is clean all year round.

Daily Focus: Keep Dirt Away

Industry professionals say a daily cleaning schedule deals with the dirt and messes that accumulate in your house every other day. Your house will stay clean and you can relax comfortably after a long day at work. Living in a clean home can even help to make you a happier person. Here are a few daily tasks that will help to prevent messes from getting out of hand.Household Cleaning Routine

  • Wipe out kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Pick up and put away litter for just about 10 minutes each day
  • Wash dishes or load the dishwasher
  • Wipe countertops after preparing meals
  • Once you have enough dirty clothes, do a load of laundry
  • Put dirty clothes in a hamper
  • Make your bed

Weekly Focus: Clean Common Areas

Most house cleaning schedules require you to spend a little time each day doing household chores. If you’re pressed for time and can’t do these tasks during the week, reserve them for the weekend. Bear in mind that a cleaning schedule primarily focused on cleaning over the weekend can seem like a taxing chore that makes you tired during the days when you should be unwinding. If you think you have no time to clean during the week, all you need to do is learn new habits.

Here’s a sample cleaning schedule you can follow each day of the weekHousehold Cleaning Routine

  • Mop tile floors and vacuum all carpets and rugs
  • Wash bedsheets
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Wipe away dirt and smudges from walls
  • Wipe interior windows
  • Clean the bathroom

Seasonal Focus: Deep Cleaning

You don’t need to deep clean your house often. However, it’s important to remove grime from all areas of your house at least once every year. Don’t try to force all the cleaning into a single weekend. Having an annual house cleaning schedule that tells you what to focus on each month will give you better results.

For instance, make sure you have a fall cleaning checklist. And in the winter time, you can empty and wipe all cabinets in December and clean large furniture, dryer, washer and the refrigerator in January. Spread different tasks throughout the year so you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Bottom Line

This household cleaning routine will make it a lot easier to keep all areas of your home clean and neat. However, it’s important to allow for some flexibility. You want to create a schedule that matches your needs and lifestyle. As long as you accomplish the tasks on your schedule, you’ll have a comfortable home that’s you’re proud to show your guests.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks 

Keeping your kitchen spick and span is no easy task. Besides having to remove that stubborn grease that never seems to go away, you also have to clean your countertops and stove. Fortunately, a few kitchen cleaning tips and tricks are all you need to find better, cheaper and eco-friendly alternatives to maintaining a clean kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks 

kitchen cleaning tips and tricks

This post highlights a few kitchen cleaning and household tips and tricks you can employ to keep your kitchen squeaky clean. It covers everything from cleaning your kitchen sink and microwave to your wooden cutting boards for a clean home.

Choose Baking Soda Over Conventional Cleaner

Baking soda has a wide array of uses. Not only is it a crucial ingredient in homemade bread and cakes but it can also help you whiten your teeth and most importantly, it turns out to be an eco-friendly, efficient, cheap and reliable cleaner for your kitchen appliances and stoves. Simply replace that conventional cleaner that’s full of unknown chemicals with baking soda, and you certainly won’t regret it.

Use Ammonia to Clean the Grates of Your Stove Burner

Your stove burner’s grates will often be a magnet for grease and dirt. That’s mainly because drips from frying pans are likely to gather around the grates, making them hard to clean. While it may seem impossible to get the grates clean, ammonia can get them clean in no time.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sink Cleaner

Cleaning your garbage disposal unit and kitchen sink can be a challenge. However, a cheap and eco-friendly way to clean your sink is to use lemon, combined with baking soda and vinegar.

Clean Your Microwave with Water And Lemon

The microwave can get just as greasy as your stove or kitchen sink and that’s why it’s crucial to clean and degrease it regularly. All you have to do is fill a cup with water and add some lemon to it. Put the cup in the microwave and heat it up and you’ll be surprised at how steam will make it much easier to remove the grease.

Make Your Stainless-Steel Sink Shine

Most modern homes have stainless steel sinks. In addition to being affordable, easy to clean and durable, stainless steel sinks are a hassle-free long-term investment. However, stainless still will also succumb to dirt and grease. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on the sink, making sure to spread it evenly. Then using a sponge or old toothbrush, scrub away the dirt and voila! A clean sink.

Use Lemon and Salt to Clean Your Wooden Cutting Boards 

Wooden cutting boards are not only difficult to clean but they’re porous, which creates the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. However, a quick tip is if you’re armed with just half a lemon, a pinch of salt, a sponge and a few drops of water, you can disinfect, degrease and clean your wooden cutting boards.

Bottom Line

These kitchen cleaning tips and tricks make it easier to enjoy a cleaner, healthier kitchen. Ultimately, you don’t always have to invest in expensive commercial cleaners when you’re doing a spring or fall cleaning. As long as you have some baking soda, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, you can quickly clean your kitchen stove, glassware, crockpots, appliances, cabinets and many more.

Best Dusting Method

When it comes to dusting, the first rule is to know which tools to use and which ones to avoid. For instance, feather dusters are often used for dusting but they’re far from effective. Rather than capturing dust, they simply spread it from one surface to another. A more effective dusting tool is an electrostatic duster, a microfiber duster or a soft cloth dampened with water. Now that you know the right tools to use, here are a few tips on the best dusting method.

Best Dusting Method

Do you have a messy house? There are several ways you clean your home. This article outlines some of the best dusting strategies for those hard-to-reach areas in your home.


When cleaning a home, many people miss cleaning their walls. For cleaning walls, a vacuum with multiple attachments is the most efficient tool. If you want to capture the most dust and clean the walls without making a mess, work your way from the top down.


A wet cloth will be quite effective at tackling those dingy spots. Lightly spray the cloth with an all-purpose cleaning solution or water and run it over the baseboards to whisk away debris in a flash.


Kitchen cabinets are notorious for trapping dust in those intricate carvings and tiny nooks. Use a clean makeup or natural bristle brush to get at the trapped dust before wiping with a microfiber cloth.

ElectronicsBest Dusting Method

When cleaning electronics, it’s crucial to always make sure they’re turned off before cleaning. Electronics such as DVD players, printers, stereos, TVs and computers are notorious dust magnets. You can use a soft, long-handled brush to collect dust from the crevices then gently swipe with a microfiber cloth. Also, spare some time to vacuum dust from around vents and cords because, along with pet hair, it can clog outlets and machines.

Soft Toys

Put fabric dolls, teddy bears and beanbag critters into a plastic bag with one cup of baking soda. Seal the top of the bag then go with the items outside so you can shake them well. The static and the baking soda will draw out the dust and soil from the toys’ fabric. Remove items one by one, shake off the baking soda then use a brush attachment to vacuum the rest.

Behind Appliances

Over time, grease, crumbs and other debris will accumulate behind your refrigerator and stove, providing a source of food for insects and pets. If possible, move the appliance out from the wall and unplug. You can lift the dust from behind the appliance using a long-handled, a sponge mop that’s slightly damp, then wipe the walls and floor with hot soapy water.

Best Dusting MethodVents

Use an electrostatic mop or vacuum attachment with a soft brush to remove heavy dust from appliance vents, ceiling or floor, then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth. Use hot soapy water to rinse any removable, washable AC filters and air-dry before reinstalling.

Bottom Line

Dust is inevitable, that is why it is important to consider dusting tips. But with the best dusting method in mind, you can stay on top of it and minimize your exposure to dust. With a few smart strategies and the right approach, you’ll have nothing left to sneeze at.


Carbonated Carpet Cleaning – Pro Tips

Carbonated carpet cleaning is one of the best solutions for carpet cleaning. It is done by a solution that contains millions of microscopic carbonated cleaning bubbles. This technology is specially designed for penetrating deep into the fibers of your carpet. It can break down the dirt and grime off the fibers effectively. There are a lot of benefits of this carpet cleaning method and thus it is getting more and more popular these days.

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

There are several ways to prevent a dirty carpet, like vacuuming regularly, but if you have an unfortunate incident like a pet mishap, then carbonated carpet cleaning is your answer. To know more about the carbonated cleaning method for the carpet, you are at the right place. The concept of the carbonated cleaning is to use the club soda as the main active agent for removing all the stains from the carpet. This provides an unparalleled and unmatched cleaning which is really powerful. 

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

Keep the carpet clean for long time

This is a great and advanced method for cleaning carpet. It doesn’t waste too much of water for cleaning the carpet or any upholstered items. Therefore, you will either have to use any soapy cleaning chemicals nor do you have to use a lot of water to clean it. The carbonated carpet cleaner do not have any detergents or soap in them. It can also keep the carpets clean for a longer period of time. This will be also beneficial as you do not have to clean the carpet every now and then, along with vacuuming your carpet. Also, you do not have to worry about drying the carpet. This will not make your carpet moist encouraging the growth of mold and mildew in it.


Eliminating the reappearing of the carpet stains

If you are facing the problem with the carpet stains, then you must have noticed that these stains keep on reappearing even after cleaning them properly. Even if you rent a carpet cleaning service to get rid of them, you will see the stains appearing once again after a few days or weeks. This can be a major problem for the carpet. But with the carbonated cleaning method, it can be really easy for you to get over it. 

This can eliminate the problem of the stains reappearing on your carpet. No matter how much you use steam cleaner or scrubbers, these stains are too stubborn. With the use of the carbonated cleaners, these stains can be cleaned permanently. They can be scrubbed off easily with the carbonated technology.


Final words

You can use the carbonated carpet cleaning method for cleaning your carpet. This method is highly beneficial to keep your carpets clean and make it stain-free. You can also call for the experts who are well-trained in cleaning the carpet using this method. Since this method has become quite popular, there are many companies that are offering this service. You need to make sure that you are appointing the best service that can provide wit the best in class carbonated cleaning service for your carpets at home. This method is ideal for getting rid of dirt, dust and dirt from the carpet. The carpet fibers contain a lot of dust and dirt which can encourage the growth of germs. This cleaning method will help you to get rid of it.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Inside 

Cabinets are a vital part of kitchen storage. It helps to keep everything well organized. But the fact is that they attract a lot of dust, grease and grime too. The oil, food or other liquids that are spilled on cabinets make them look worn and dirty. Since you might not have a lot of time throughout the week to keep your cabinets clean, the grime and dirt may build up over time. But luckily, there are some effective kitchen cleaning tips that you can use for cleaning the kitchen cabinets. So, read on to know abHow to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Insideout how to clean kitchen cabinets inside.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Inside 

You can use some of the best tips to keep the kitchen cabinets clean. With the effective kitchen cabinet cleaning tips, you can clean the cabinets effectively. Here are some of those tips to clean the cabinets perfectly to have a clean home:

#1: Install Cabinet Hardware

If the cabinet drawers or doors do not have knobs or handles, then it is better to install them right now. This will help you to prevent the greasy fingers from touching the wood surface. When the metal knob is greasy, you can clean it easily. It is easier to clean than that of the grimes on the wood. 

#2: Use a Cabinet Shelf Liner

There are different types of liners that are available for protecting the pantry shelves and cabinets. This will prevent the freshly washed dishes from getting warped in the shelf. They are quite easier to wipe and clean than the wood. You can also purchase the shelf liner to protect your kitchen cabinets.

#3: Use Vinegar

You can use vinegar for cleaning the cabinets as a basic household tip. The vinegar can be a great way to prevent the dust and grime buildup. You cannot deal with the grease and grimes on the kitchen cabinet if you do not use the vinegar. You have to empty your cabinets first and then mix a solution of vinegar along with warm water. Now spray the mixture all over your kitchen cabinets. Spread it evenly outside as well as inside.

#4: Wipe the Cabinets with a Clean, Soft Cloth

You have to take a clean soft microfiber cloth to wipe and dust off all the dirt, grimes and grease from the cabinet. You need to clean the hinges, handles and knobs properly. You can also wet the cloth or sponge with clean water and wipe over the entire surface to remove the residues of grimes and grease. Once the counter is cleaned, dry all the surfaces thoroughly with a clean towel.


So, these are some of the ways about how to clean kitchen cabinets inside. You can follow these steps properly to clean your kitchen cabinets. Besides that, you need to prevent the grime and grease from getting splashed onto the cabinets in the first place. For that, it is important to keep the door of the cabinets properly closed. The cabinet door will help you to keep the grease and dirt away. In case you are finding it hard to clean the kitchen cabinets inside, you can also call for professional help. Keeping your cabinets clean is only one part of keeping your house clean from top to bottom and tidy.

Cleaning Your Room Checklist 

Your bedroom is where you retreat to relax after a long day. To make sure you enjoy your time in the bedroom and make the most of your resting time, it’s important to clean it regularly and keep it free of dirt and debris. Here is a simple cleaning your room checklist to consider the next time you’re tidying up and giving your room a deep clean.

Cleaning Your Room Checklist 

Your cleaning your room checklist should include having all of the necessary supplies, starting with a once-over and more. 

SuppliesCleaning Your Bedroom Checklist

  • Garbage bag
  • Lint brush
  • Glass cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Long handled duster
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Boxes or bags for items that belong elsewhere

Cleaning Steps

Start with a Once-Over

Tidy up your room as you would every day, but don’t bother making the bed.

Gather Items That Don’t Belong In The Room

Collect all the items that don’t belong in your bedroom and put them in a box and set it aside. This is a household tip to follow all throughout your home as well. Gather up any other items you no longer want to keep including decorations and put them in a separate box/bag to donate. Pick up all the trash, including any under the nightstand, bed or dresser and put it in the garbage bag to keep your items nice and tidy.

Remove Your Linens

Remove all the curtains and drapes that gather lots of dust. Remove all linens from the bed, including pillows but leave the mattress cover. Take all these items to the laundry room for washing or take them to the laundry if they must be dry-cleaned.

Start Dusting

When dusting, start working your way from top to bottom, then left to right. The trick here is to avoid scattering dust over surfaces that you’ve already cleaned. You can also follow these tips for your living room or any other room in your home. 

  • Unhang any pictures from the walls and place them on your bed
  • Use a long-handled duster to dust the ceiling fan. Alternatively, slide the pillowcase over the blades and run the edge back and forth so that the debris falls right into the case.
  • Starting at the door, dust the ceilings, walls, window moldings, around windows, corners and baseboards.
  • Wipe the picture frames with a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the front with a microfiber cloth sprayed with glass cleaner.
  • Clean the inside of the windows as well as other glass surfaces in the room
  • Dust all remaining pictures and decorations
  • Strip the mattress cover and take it to the laundry room to launder.
  • Use a glass cleaner to wipe down light bulbs once you’ve removed the shade from lamps. (make sure the bulb is cool first.) Run the lint brush over and under the lampshade and return.

Treat Your Wood Furniture

Remove any sticky buildup on your wooden furniture and spare some time to cover up any scratches as well.

Clean the Mattress

Remove any stains from your mattress and vacuum it thoroughly using the upholstery attachment.

Bottom Line

Once you’re done with the above tasks, you can then go ahead to vacuum the floor, remove the trash, launder the linens and finally air out the room by opening the windows to clean the entire house. If you have allergies, be sure to close the windows before dusk to minimize pollen. That’s a simple cleaning your room checklist and some overall clean house tips to follow.


Dusting Tips

Dust is not good for your family health. Asthma, threadworms, hay fever, allergies, and eczema are all triggered by dust and it attracts roaches, bugs, and mites. And if you fail to get rid of dust, it turns into hard, sticky and nasty grime. Here are a few handy dusting tips that will significantly cut your cleaning time.

Dusting Tips

Dusting is a great way to keep your house clean. Read below for some great dusting tips 

Dusting Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Use a bendable duster to dust ceiling fans and light fixtures. Unless your ceilings are really high, you won’t need a ladder for this. Simply bend the shaft to suit any light or fan configuration. Once you’re done, remove the microfiber cover and machine wash it.

Door Frames, Corners, and Moldings

Corners, door frames and moldings are always prone to spiderwebs and plenty of dust. These areas are often ignored but here’s an easy way to do it: Grab a microfiber cloth (or an old sock) and mop pole, place it over the end of the mop pole and secure it with an elastic.

Dusting Walls

Most people rarely dust their walls, but it’s something that needs to be done. A simple way to go about it is to use a microfiber cloth sprayed with a bit of water and a flat head mop. There’s no need to spend on an expensive cleaner. Simply work the tool up and down the wall and ensure you cover the entire space. This will help keep your living room and other rooms in the house clean. 

Bathroom Vents

Bathroom vents tend to get super dusty over time and suck up tons of dust, dirt, and moisture. The next time you’re cleaning your bathroom vents, use your vacuum with the brush attachment to loosen and suck up any caked-on dust and dirt.

Antiques and Delicate ItemsDusting Tips

To clean and dust antique pieces, delicate items, small delicate trinkets or silk flowers, slightly mist a makeup brush or small paintbrush and use it to do some detailed cleaning.

Dust in The Right Direction

Dust will typically fall from top to bottom. So, when you’re dusting, start with the highest items and work your way downwards to the lowest. Failure to work from top to bottom may force you to repeat the dusting. You also want to work in a spiral formation – working clockwise, for example, then vacuum last. The idea is to prevent dust from falling on an area you’ve already cleaned.

Use Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are the best for dusting as they can significantly reduce cleaning time. A microfiber cloth is electrostatically charged, which means it attracts dust. They also don’t leave dust or lint behind and they’re highly absorbent which means you end up with a streak-free surface. Microfiber, therefore, saves plenty of cleaning time by helping you to clean more efficiently.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of additional dusting tips to bear in mind. For instance, vacuum delicate areas or areas you can’t see with a pantyhose covered dust brush. It’s also important to clean your ducts and replace your air filters. Failing to replace your air filters each season means you’re asking for more dust in your home.

How to Whiten Carpet – Step-by-Step Guide

White is not the absence of the color always. White carpets are not made by removing pigments and colors. Actually, these are dyed white. If you bleach the carpet, it will eliminate the current color. However, it will result in some shade of buff, tan, or beige. You can wash rugs in the standard-issue chlorine bleach to remove any stain and colorants from materials and fabrics. You might be thinking that chlorine will damage cotton fibers, wool threads, synthetic yarns, and silk filaments. You can prevent any kind of damage by using a milder bleaching agent that includes hydrogen peroxide. It will help to lighten your rugs and carpets. Are you still confused? Do you want to know how to whiten carpet? If yes, go through the following step-by-step guide.

How to Whiten Carpet

Step 1

Before planning to whiten your carpet, first, you will have to clean it. Sweep and vacuum your carpet to eliminate any loose dirt or dust. After this, wash your carpet. Sweeping and vacuuming will remove most of the outside dust and then you will need to wash it for deep cleaning. To wash your carpet, take a large bucket with five gallons of water and then add one tbsp laundry detergent powder and one tbsp soda ash into it. Stir it briskly to prepare your carpet cleaning solution. Take a sponge and soak it in the solution and then apply it evenly all over the rug. Use plain water to wipe it and then rinse it.

Step 2

Take a bucket and pour 2 qt. lukewarm water into it and then add one tsp of laundry detergent powder, six pints of three percent hydrogen peroxide, a cup of soda ash into it and stir all the ingredients properly to prepare your solution.

Step 3

Once your solution is ready, take a plastic squirt bottle and transfer a portion of your homemade solution to it. Apply the peroxide solution to your rug. Use the bottle to spray it on the carpet. If required, refill your bottle and spray it onHow to Whiten Carpet your carpet until the fibers of your carpet are moist evenly. After covering all the areas, let it dry.

Step 4

Prepare one solution using one gallon of water and one cup of distilled water. Mix it thoroughly and take a push broom and dip its bristles into the solution. Now you need to use that wet broom to sweep your carpet. The solution has vinegar. It will deactivate any lingering bleaching agent. Also, the brush action will perk up the fibers in your carpet.

Step 5

After this cleaning, inspect your carpet and repeat the entire process. You will have to repeat the process multiple times until your carpet gets the desired shade of off-white. Once you are done, apply white fabric dye on your carpet. Follow the package instruction to maximize the benefits.

Conclusion :

The above step-by-step instructions will help you to know how to whiten carpet by yourself. While going the procedures, make sure that you are using the right quantity. Otherwise, it might affect your carpet fibers and that will ultimately cause early damage.

How to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom – Tips from the Pros

How to clean your house from top to bottom? If cleaning your home is that task that gives you nightmares, this article will bring you some relief. Cleaning, in general, is presumed to be a boring and daunting task. People put off cleaning their homes for as long as possible until one day they get a call from an old friend who is in town and wants to pay them a visit. Walls start crumbling down then, and cleaning the whole house within the limited available time seems like a gigantic task. Fortunately, cleaning your house from top to bottom isn’t as unnerving as it appears to be. Here are a few tips that will help.

How to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

Start with the Living/Dining Room

If you are cleaning because you are anticipating company, iHow to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom t is a good idea to start with your living/dining room out of your entire household, as this is probably the area where you’ll be hosting your guests. Get your laundry basket and put everything that does not belong to the living/dining room into it. Next, get that vacuum cleaner out of its hiding place; it’s time to use it. Pick a corner and start from there. Always clean the carpet and the floor in the end. This whole process will take about 15 minutes.

The Kitchen Should Be Your Next Stop

I personally find it difficult to be pally with people who keep a messy or grubby kitchen. When I plan to have guests over, I always ensure people see a spick-and-span kitchen. All the dirty dishes go into the dishwasher and the burners are cleaned with a wet sponge. The same wet sponge is rinsed with water and soap and used to clean cabinets and counters. I use hot soapy water to clean my sink. When paucity of time is an issue, I generally stay away from reshuffling things around.

Guests, Sometimes, Stay Over

Since you never know what plans will come up, it’s always a good idea to be ready for anything and everything. If you are expecting company, do not ignore your bedrooms. Get fresh linens, if possible. If you do not have fresh linens, use a linen spray to give your used linen a fresh feel. Make your bed. The pillows should be in the right place. Add layers to your bed with a pretty duvet cover and a comfortable comforter. Once you are done making the bed, make sure everything extra in the bedroom goes in the laundry basket. Finish by cleaning the furniture and the floor. The bedrooms will demand about 15 minutes of your time.

Why Should Bathrooms Be Ignored?

Start by throwing empty bottles. All those shampoos and conditioners that are almost over must immediately go. Stock your bathroom with new supplies. A clean hand towel is a must. Once you are done with this, use a bathroom cleaner to clean the mirror, sinks and other surfaces. If you do not have a bathroom cleaner, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean mirrors, windows, and surfaces. Finish by cleaning the floor.

Bottom Line

Don’t know how to clean your house from top to bottom or keep it clean? Cleaning your house from top to bottom is an easy task if you have everything you need at your disposal. A few things that assist with house cleaning are brushes, dusters, microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaners, paper towels, bathroom cleaners, vinegar, and bicarbonate soda. In case you are running out of any of these, make sure to stock them back on your next trip to the supermarket. You never know when an unexpected guest decides to show up!


Living Room Cleaning Tips

If keeping your house clean and organized is your resolution for New Year then the checklist provided in this write-up can help you in cleaning your living room. A living room is a room in a household in which you spend most of your time with your family. You can improve the looks and décor of your living room by keeping it clean and furnishing with the best materials you have. Living room cleaning tips provided here below can help you in this regard.

Living Room Cleaning Tips


Checklist to Clean Your Living Room

In order to understand the importance of this checklist, you are recommended to read this write-up until the end. If you want to save it for future you can print this list to preserve. You can clean your living room effectively by following the tips given underneath.

Equipment Required to Clean the Living Room

  • Glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Two boxes or bags
  • Furniture polish
  • A vacuum with dusting attachments to clean upholstery and crevice

Align the Things: If you clean your living room in a routine then you may have it in good condition and can clean it with little effort. But if its condition is below expectations even then you should not worry much about cleaning it as it may take some more time to clean it effectively. You should start with dislodging dirt on your curtains by opening them and shaking them carefully. Put the trash in the box or bag you have. De-clutter the room by gathering the things belonging to some other room and putting them in another box. Now organize the remaining items like toys, DVDs, CDs, games and other items used in this room in routine at their proper place.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces: after removing dust from your curtains you should now start dusting the hard surfaces in your living room with the help of a slightly damp microfiber cloth. You Living Room Cleaning Tipsshould clean the furniture, window casing, lamps, TV screen, and its cabinet and other decorations in the room thoroughly. You can also polish your furniture by using a lint-free dry cloth. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean and polish all the glass surfaces in the room including glasses on picture frame, tabletop, fireplace doors and windows in the interior etc. you should also clean door knobs, power switches and jambs of the doors etc.

Cleaning Soft Furnishings: You can use upholstery attachment on your vacuum to take out strange items like crumbs etc from under the cushion of your soft furnishings. Along with vacuuming the sides, back and front of your sofa you can also vacuum near the base of your heavy furniture and walls as well as throw rugs and lampshades. Now you can use normal vacuuming head to floor lamps, floors, and footstools etc.

Finishing Touch: In order to wind up the cleaning of your living room, you should spray an air freshener in the room to refresh its entire air. You should away your vacuum and other cleaning supplies along with the boxes in which you have collected the trash. The items of other rooms should be replaced in their proper place.


A clean and well organized home can allow you to live in a healthy environment throughout the life so far as you take care of its cleanliness. But, while cleaning your home your focus should be more on your living room as most of your time will be spent in it. Thus, the living room cleaning tips provided here above can help you in cleaning it thoroughly and effectively.