How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint – Protecting Flat Paint

It can be overwhelming to walk into your home and see stained walls. Visitors may think that you do not take care of your home. Of course, walls will pick up all manner of stains and you have to deal with them. One of the easy solutions is knowing how to clean marks off walls with flat paint. 

How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint

Cleaning walls should be part of your household cleaning routine. In this post you will learn how to get rid of marks on your flat paint wall. It will tell you the supplies you need and the steps to cleaning the marks completely. Keep reading and your flat paint walls will be spotless all the time. 

Establishing if Yours is Flat Paint Wall

It is important to figure out if you have flat paint walls. First off, the term is not the reference to the texture of your walls. Instead, it refers to walls with matte finish. This kind of finish is very good at hiding imperfections on walls since it does not in any way reflect light. 


When cleaning a house like a pro, you need to have the right supplies. To get the marks off your walls, these are the supplies you need;

How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint
How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint
  • Eraser Sponge
  • Regular Detergent
  • White Vinegar
  • Paint Brush
  • Touch up Paint
  • Clean Cloth or Sponge
  • Foam Cleanser

Cleaning Marks Off Flat Paint Walls

Just like with all stains, you should remove wall marks as soon as you notice them. Leaving them for long makes them stubborn and you will have to do a lot of work before removing them. Here are the steps you should follow removing stains on flat wall paint;

  • Use a damp sponge or cloth to rub the marks. Be gentle so that you do not damage the paint. If the stains are relatively new, rubbing them will be all you need to remove them completely. 
  • In case water is not doing great, add some white vinegar to your sponge or cloth and keep rubbing gently. 
  • There are those stains that will not be removed by water or white vinegar. Use eraser sponge on them. The stains will give way and your wall will be left spotless. 
  • For the most stubborn stains, foam cleanser will do a good job dealing with them. Be keen to follow the instructions of use printed on the foam bottle.
  • To clean any residue left by the stains, mix a gallon of water with a tablespoonful of regular detergent. Dip a clean rag into the solution and use it to rub gently on the wall. 
  • Leave the wall to dry
  • Once the wall is dry, use the touch up paint to restore the new look on the wall. Make sure you are using the original paint of the wall. 

If you are unable to remove the marks yourself, a professional cleaning team should be able to remove any marks. They’ll have the right supplies to ensure your paint is not ruined. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to cleaning tips, it’s important to maintain areas with high traffic, and walls are no exception. It is not a hard task to know how to clean marks off walls with flat paint. As you can see, you require simple and affordable supplies. The rest is following the steps and your walls will be back to original glory.  

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner – Effective Methods

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

Knowing how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner is a valuable skill to learn, especially if you have kids or pets. Let’s face it, chances are you’ll have to deal with accidental spills once in a while and keeping your carpet clean and healthy requires you to disinfect it regularly.

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

There are various types of carpets out there, but it is important to know how to clean them. In this post, we’ll look at how to deep clean your carpet without worrying about having to rent a steam cleaner. With a few tools and equipment, you can have a clean and disinfected carpet in no time.

Method 1

Tools needed: bucket, clean towel or rag, brush and old toothbrush.

Cleaners needed: dish soap or baking soda (you can also use the same products you would use in a steam cleaner).

How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

Here are the steps to clean your carpet without a steam cleaner:

  • Get some warm water in a bucket and get your preferred cleaning tool ready
  • Get rid of any dust and dirt from the carpet by vacuuming the entire area you wish to clean.
  • If you opt to use baking soda, sprinkle a liberal amount of it on the stains until it’s completely covered. If you decide to use dish soap, measure the size of the stain, then use a tablespoon for every six to eight inches of stain.
  • Swoosh it around until you see bubbles
  • Gently scrub the stain with warm water, using a towel, rug, toothbrush or old brush
  • You don’t want to completely soak the floor, just make sure it’s wet enough to scrub the stain/dirt
  • Allow the carpet to air dry by opening any nearby windows or turning on any fans
  • Vacuum the carpet again once it’s dry

Method 2

Items needed:

  • A large stiff-bristled scrubbing brush
  • A mixture of water and detergent
  • A few terry cloth towels or old rags 
  • Some baking soda
  • Some table salt

Here are the steps to clean your carpet without a steam cleaner:

  • Start by mixing up a small amount of soap with the water in a spray bottle and let it mix.
  • Sprinkle some table salt and baking soda over the area you’re planning to deep clean; there’s no need to cover it completely
  • Spray the mixture of water and soapy water lightly over the same area and let it sit for a couple of minutes

    How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
    How to Disinfect Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
  • Use a brush to brush the carpet in one direction with your brush. This will accumulate any hair and debris for you to pick up easily
  • If there’s still some dirt/hair, move 90 degrees from the original direction and repeat the process.
  • Let the towels saturated with water by pressing them into the carpet
  • Once the carpet is mostly dry, empty the soapy mixture from the spray bottle, fill it with tap water and spray it lightly over the carpet
  • Once more, press the cloth towels into the carpet.

Carpet cleaning professionals say this method works best for spot-cleaning stains but you can work an entire room if you have a large enough brush.

Bottom Line

The carpet cleaning process can be complicated, but with the tips mentioned, you now know how to disinfect carpet without steam cleaner. The methods above are simple and completely safe to use with children and pets. Moreover, they’ll leave your carpets clean without them smelling like heavy detergents (as would be the case when you use a carpet cleaner) and help restore matted carpet as well.

How do You Remove Grime from Wood Furniture

How do You Remove Grime from Wood Furniture

Just like everything, your wood furniture will pick up grime. You will see gummy spots on the sides and we can all agree it is not a sight you want to keep seeing. So, how do you remove grime from wood furniture? 

How do You Remove Grime from Wood Furniture – Best Ways to Clean Wood Furniture

This post will share effective ways of removing sticky films and grime from your wood furniture. These tips will help your living room furniture no longer look like it has buildup on it.

Where does the Buildup come From?

You are probably wondering where the grime on your wood furniture comes from. Well, it is the vapors and grease from cooking, especially for the kitchen furniture. In other cases it is from the disintegrating layers of the polish finish. This is why it’s important to clean wood furniture properly, as this can prevent polish build up. The grime can also come from moist hands and cigarette smoke. Wherever they come from, the stains take away the natural beauty of your furniture and it is time you get rid of them for good.  

Removing Grime from Your Wood Furniture

It is now time to say goodbye to those ugly stains on your furniture. Collect all your supplies and follow the steps below to the last one.

You will need the following;How do You Remove Grime from Wood Furniture

  • Water
  • Clean Microfiber Cloth
  • Vinegar

When you have everything by your side, follow these grime removing steps keenly;

  • Use a microfiber cloth to dust the surface of the furniture. Ensure that you reach to every corner to remove all the dust. Repeat wiping until the wood does not have any trace of dust. When you are certain that all the dust is gone, rinse the cloth thoroughly because you will need it later. 
  • Get the vinegar and water. Mix equal parts of each of them. Dip the cloth into the mixture and allow it to absorb enough of the solution. Wring it well before using it on your furniture. Use the wet cloth to wipe the furniture along the grains of the woods. This is important so that you do not scratch the wood surface. Keep dipping the cloth in the mixture, wring it and wiping until you see the grime disappear. A cleaning tip is to always have vinegar, because of how versatile it is when it comes to cleaning.
  • After wiping several times and removing the buildup completely, it is time to dry the furniture. Use a clean dry cloth to remove any moisture left behind. Leave your furniture in a space with free and adequate air circulation. 

If you still see the buildup after doing this, you may want to consider professional cleaners. Using commercial cleaning can ensure the furniture buildup is removed properly.

Bottom Line

Keeping your house clean can prevent buildup from occurring throughout your home. If you have been grappling with this question: how do you remove grime from wood furniture? You have the answers now. It is not a hard task to get rid of buildup on your wooden furniture as you have seen in this post. Vinegar is a great option when it comes to removing grime.

Household Cleaning Routine

Household Cleaning Routine

Keeping your home spick and span can sometimes feel like an impossible undertaking. But one of the best ways to ensure the task is not daunting is to set a cleaning schedule. Creating a house cleaning schedule will help to ensure every part of your home is clean., including areas you rarely pay attention to. With the right household cleaning routine, your home will stay clean throughout.

Household Cleaning Routine

If you want to clean your house like a professional, it is crucial to have a cleaning routine. In this article, we’ll point out how to come up with a household cleaning routine that will ensure your home is clean all year round.

Daily Focus: Keep Dirt Away

Industry professionals say a daily cleaning schedule deals with the dirt and messes that accumulate in your house every other day. Your house will stay clean and you can relax comfortably after a long day at work. Living in a clean home can even help to make you a happier person. Here are a few daily tasks that will help to prevent messes from getting out of hand.Household Cleaning Routine

  • Wipe out kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Pick up and put away litter for just about 10 minutes each day
  • Wash dishes or load the dishwasher
  • Wipe countertops after preparing meals
  • Once you have enough dirty clothes, do a load of laundry
  • Put dirty clothes in a hamper
  • Make your bed

Weekly Focus: Clean Common Areas

Most house cleaning schedules require you to spend a little time each day doing household chores. If you’re pressed for time and can’t do these tasks during the week, reserve them for the weekend. Bear in mind that a cleaning schedule primarily focused on cleaning over the weekend can seem like a taxing chore that makes you tired during the days when you should be unwinding. If you think you have no time to clean during the week, all you need to do is learn new habits.

Here’s a sample cleaning schedule you can follow each day of the weekHousehold Cleaning Routine

  • Mop tile floors and vacuum all carpets and rugs
  • Wash bedsheets
  • Clean exterior windows
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Wipe away dirt and smudges from walls
  • Wipe interior windows
  • Clean the bathroom

Seasonal Focus: Deep Cleaning

You don’t need to deep clean your house often. However, it’s important to remove grime from all areas of your house at least once every year. Don’t try to force all the cleaning into a single weekend. Having an annual house cleaning schedule that tells you what to focus on each month will give you better results.

For instance, make sure you have a fall cleaning checklist. And in the winter time, you can empty and wipe all cabinets in December and clean large furniture, dryer, washer and the refrigerator in January. Spread different tasks throughout the year so you’re not feeling overwhelmed.

Bottom Line

This household cleaning routine will make it a lot easier to keep all areas of your home clean and neat. However, it’s important to allow for some flexibility. You want to create a schedule that matches your needs and lifestyle. As long as you accomplish the tasks on your schedule, you’ll have a comfortable home that’s you’re proud to show your guests.

How to Get Tomato Sauce out of Carpet

You never know when you have to deal with a tomato sauce stain on your carpet. As such, you need to know how to get tomato sauce off carpet. As is the case with most types of stains, acting quickly helps to remove the substance before it’s absorbed by the carpet fibers.

This article discusses a few tips on how to get tomato sauce out of carpet. These are simple DIY tips that you can use to ensure your carpet is free from tomato sauce stains.

How to Get Tomato Sauce out of CarpetHow to Get Tomato Sauce out of Carpet

When it comes to keeping your home spotless, one of the best ways to do so is by taking care of your carpeting. As you clean your carpet, you’ll have to deal with stubborn stains at one point or another. In this article we will be discussing how to remove any evidence of tomato sauce in carpet.

If the spill is still fresh, start by scooping up as much of the tomato sauce as possible. You can use a large spoon and deposit the scooped sauce into a bowl. You can also use the edge of a plastic knife or spoon and bowl to scrape tomato sauce that’s partially dry. The trick here is to scrape from the spill’s outer edges toward the center. Once you’re removed as much of the spill as possible, use a damp white cloth or dye-free sponge to blot the spot. Use cool water when wetting the cloth or sponge and wring out any excess to avoid soaking the carpet. Rather than rubbing, blot and dab the stained area to remove as much of the stain as possible.

Lemon Lift

Cut a lemon in half and rub it over the stain from the outer edges of the stain toward the center. Once you’ve scooped and blotted most of the tomato stain from the carpet, wait a few minutes before pouring some water over the stain. The trick here is to use enough water to saturate the carpet fibers without over wetting the carpet. Blot the stained area with an absorbent white cloth and wring it out if necessary. Once your carpet is dry, the stain should be gone. After treating the stain, be sure to vacuum the carpeting often to keep it looking clean.

Club Soda SolutionHow to Get Tomato Sauce out of Carpet

Club soda is quite effective at removing tomato-based stains from carpet. Unlike flavored soda, which contain dyes and sugar, club soda won’t leave a sticky mess that attracts ants. Cover the stain by pouring just enough soda water without creating a puddle on the floor. Let it sit for about a minute or two then blot it up with an absorbent white cloth or slightly damp sponge followed by a plain paper towel or a dry cloth. Next, mix liquid dish soap into a cup of cold water, then dip a cloth into the soapy solution and use it to dab the remaining tomato residue. 

If the stain doesn’t come up completely when dabbing it, rub it from the outer edges towards the center to avoid spreading it. Finally, use a damp white cloth to remove any remaining soap.

Bottom Line

Tomato sauce stains can come from a variety of sauces; tomato sauce, baked beans, Italian food, etc. These carpet stains should be treated immediately so they don’t dry into the carpet fibers. However, the tips mentioned on how to get tomato sauce off carpet should help you to get rid of tomato sauce stains that you may have already dried into the carpet fibers.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is always a great time to air out the house and clean it thoroughly before winter. By doing some deep cleaning during fall, you’ll have an easier time preparing for the holidays. Here’s a fall cleaning checklist to guide you through the cleaning process.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

This checklist is broken down into categories that make it easier to clean your house strategically. The list is separated into tasks you can do inside the home and those you can carry out outside.

Inside the Home

  • Launder the beddings, pillows, and mattress pads
  • Flip/rotate mattress (if needed)
  • Declutter closets, switch out summer clothing get fall/winter clothing. This will help keep your home clean.
  • Clean window drapery/mini blinds
  • Wipe down window sills

BathroomsFall Cleaning Checklist

  • Re-stock toiletries
  • Clean combs/hair brushes
  • Replace toothbrushes
  • Check tile grout, touch up if needed
  • Deep clean shower head
  • Scrub shower
  • Wash shower curtain and liner


  • Clean the oven
  • Run ice and cut lemons through the garbage disposal
  • Check spices, especially baking needs, for freshness
  • Move the refrigerator to clean underneath
  • Dust and clean refrigerator coils
  • Defrost, clean freezer
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Clean the vent hood

Living Room

  • Wash all blankets
  • Clean window drapery/mini-blinds
  • Wipe down window sills
  • Wipe/dust down shelves
  • Move chairs/couches to clean underneath
  • Wipe down all door knobs and switches
  • Clear cobwebs
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean ceiling fan

Outside the Home

Once the inside of your home is neat and tidy, you can start working on the exterior of the house

  • Check the weather seals around windows and doors
  • Check steps for any repairs
  • Wash outside the windows
  • Touch up any areas that need to be painted
  • Pressure wash the houseFall Cleaning Checklist
  • Drain and store water hoses
  • Replace bulbs if needed and clean off light fixtures
  • Clean the BBQ grill, stock up on charcoal or refill propane
  • Clear any yard debris
  • Clean and store any outside furniture and toys
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Check the dryer exhaust pipe
  • Check the weather seals and caulking around windows and doors


  • Wash interior windows
  • Test monoxide detectors and smoke detectors and replace the batteries
  • Stock up on sidewalk salt
  • Stock up on extra batteries and flashlights
  • Stock up on candles and lighters/matches
  • Schedule an inspection of your furnace
  • Drain the water heater to get rid of sediment
  • Clean under and behind the dryer, washer and other large appliances 
  • Have the chimney professionally cleaned
  • Sweep out and vacuum the fireplace
  • Use an appropriate cleaner to clean the TV
  • Dust and clean the printer, keyboard, computer and other electronics
  • Replace the air filter and clean the cover

If you have any other devices such as a home security system, portable chargers, door lock management system, home surveillance camera or smart thermostat that use batteries, be sure to change those batteries as well. Changing the batteries in these appliances is a simple habit that can keep your home safe.

Bottom Line

It is important to clean a messy house. This fall cleaning checklist will make your upcoming fall and winter seasons much more enjoyable. Making it a habit to clean your home might also save you some money and prevent further damage to your property. Spare some time to take care of these tasks during fall before the weather turns colder and all you feel like doing is lounging on the couch.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore that everyone wants to avoid, but still does nonetheless. Whether you’re living alone, with roommates or your partner, it helps to know a few bathroom cleaning tips and tricks. While you can hire someone to clean, there are a few simple hacks that will check this chore off your to-do list in no time.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

We’re going to consider some bathroom cleaning tips that you can apply when doing your routine cleaning. The article explains simple household tips from using lemon to wipe water spots to sweeping your bathroom clean — keeping your home clean from top to bottom.

Use Mouthwash to Clean the Toilet Bowl

Mouthwash can come in handy for cleaning more than just your teeth. According to experts, your mouthwash can return your white toilet bowl to its former white color. Simply pour a quarter cup of mouthwash into the toilet, let it sit for about half an hour and scrub away.

Rub Lemon Over Chrome to Wipe Off Water Spots

Water spots are almost as unavoidable as they are unsightly. Fortunately, getting rid of them is simple and cheap. All you need is to rub lemon over stained chrome fixtures and those unsightly spots should be gone instantly. Citrus will also mask any unpleasant smells in your bathroom.

Use Black Tea to Restore Your Mirror’s Shine

All too often, your mirror gets fogged with dust, water stains and other debris. If you want it to be spotless then the solution is black tea. Simply take a cup of boiling water and add a few bags of black tea, give it some time to cool and use the resulting solution to clean your cloudy mirror. Tea contains tannic acid which will dissolve any dirt, leaving you with a clean, spotless surface. You can also use this trick if you’re cleaning your room

Put Your Toothbrush Holder in The Dishwasher

Toothbrush holders often succumb to disgusting grime and guck. But washing this often-neglected accessory is barely a chore. Simply throw it in the dishwasher and you’ll have a spotless toothbrush holder in no time.

Sweep Your Bathroom Clean

Rather than scrubbing your bathtub with a lame old sponge, cover it in soap then scrub it with a clean broom. Finally, rinse it until all the suds are gone. Cleaning with a broom will achieve the same cleanliness as cleaning with a sponge. However, using a large long-handed brush will require much less effort and is a clean house tip you should use throughout your home.

Use Nail Polish to Prevent Rust

Metal cans sitting inside your shower getting wet all day are highly likely to rust, ending up with marks that are hard to clean. But if you want to prevent rust stains and spend less time scrubbing away stains, painting a coat or two of nail polish around the rims of items that are likely to rust will help to prevent rust stains.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze and keep your home nice and tidy. Some additional tips to consider include throwing your bath mats in the washing machine and cleaning your shower curtains with soap and bleach. The best part is that all you need are a few everyday items and you can keep your bathroom squeaky clean.

How to Whiten Carpet – Step-by-Step Guide

White is not the absence of the color always. White carpets are not made by removing pigments and colors. Actually, these are dyed white. If you bleach the carpet, it will eliminate the current color. However, it will result in some shade of buff, tan, or beige. You can wash rugs in the standard-issue chlorine bleach to remove any stain and colorants from materials and fabrics. You might be thinking that chlorine will damage cotton fibers, wool threads, synthetic yarns, and silk filaments. You can prevent any kind of damage by using a milder bleaching agent that includes hydrogen peroxide. It will help to lighten your rugs and carpets. Are you still confused? Do you want to know how to whiten carpet? If yes, go through the following step-by-step guide.

How to Whiten Carpet

Step 1

Before planning to whiten your carpet, first, you will have to clean it. Sweep and vacuum your carpet to eliminate any loose dirt or dust. After this, wash your carpet. Sweeping and vacuuming will remove most of the outside dust and then you will need to wash it for deep cleaning. To wash your carpet, take a large bucket with five gallons of water and then add one tbsp laundry detergent powder and one tbsp soda ash into it. Stir it briskly to prepare your carpet cleaning solution. Take a sponge and soak it in the solution and then apply it evenly all over the rug. Use plain water to wipe it and then rinse it.

Step 2

Take a bucket and pour 2 qt. lukewarm water into it and then add one tsp of laundry detergent powder, six pints of three percent hydrogen peroxide, a cup of soda ash into it and stir all the ingredients properly to prepare your solution.

Step 3

Once your solution is ready, take a plastic squirt bottle and transfer a portion of your homemade solution to it. Apply the peroxide solution to your rug. Use the bottle to spray it on the carpet. If required, refill your bottle and spray it onHow to Whiten Carpet your carpet until the fibers of your carpet are moist evenly. After covering all the areas, let it dry.

Step 4

Prepare one solution using one gallon of water and one cup of distilled water. Mix it thoroughly and take a push broom and dip its bristles into the solution. Now you need to use that wet broom to sweep your carpet. The solution has vinegar. It will deactivate any lingering bleaching agent. Also, the brush action will perk up the fibers in your carpet.

Step 5

After this cleaning, inspect your carpet and repeat the entire process. You will have to repeat the process multiple times until your carpet gets the desired shade of off-white. Once you are done, apply white fabric dye on your carpet. Follow the package instruction to maximize the benefits.

Conclusion :

The above step-by-step instructions will help you to know how to whiten carpet by yourself. While going the procedures, make sure that you are using the right quantity. Otherwise, it might affect your carpet fibers and that will ultimately cause early damage.

How to Clean Carpet – a Step-by-step Guide

When your home has carpeting as flooring, it deserves extra attention. If you have pets or kids at home too, then you must have to deep clean the carpets every now and then. One of the best ways to deep clean the carpet is the steam cleaner. If you are wondering how to clean carpet if you do not have a professional tools or equipment, then do not worry. Here are some amazing solutions for cleaning the carpet easily and efficiently.

Cleaning with the Baking Soda

To properly clean stains on your carpet, you will need baking soda along with warm water, an old toothbrush and clean towel. Now follow these steps to clean the stains on your carpet:

Step #1: First you have to get a bucket of warm water along with the brush and clean towel. Now, you need to vacuum the entire area of the carpet that you wish to deep clean to remove excess dirt and dust.

Step #2: Then, sprinkle the baking soda over the stain until the stains are fully covered. You can also use a bit of dish soap to sprinkle over the stubborn stains.

Step #3: With the help of an old toothbrush, scrub the stained area gently with the warm water. Do not be harsh on the carpet as it can get damaged.

Step #4: Now take the clean towel and dab on the area. If the stain is still there, then repeat the entire process again unless and until the stain is gone.

Cleaning with the DetergentHow to Clean Carpet

Cleaning doesn’t only mean stain removal, it also means cleaning of the dirt, dust and pet hairs from the carpet as well. For such a deep clean process, you will need a mixture of water and some detergent. You can also use table salt along with clean cloth towels. Now, follow these steps to deep clean the carpet:

Step #1: Mix a tiny bit of soap with the water in a spray bottle. Now shake it gently to mix the entire soap and water perfectly.

Step #2: Now, sprinkle the table salt over the area of the carpet that you want to deep clean. Also, sprinkle some baking soda too. After this, you have to spray the mixture of soapy water lightly over the entire area.

Step #3: Now, brush the carpet in one direction with the help of the brush to accumulate all the pet hairs and debris. Press the towels in the carpet to absorb the water.


So, do you know how to clean carpet? These are the two best ways to clean your carpet. If you want to make sure that the carpet is cleaned regularly, and they are free of stains, then make sure to use these methods in your home. Carpets full of dirt and dust can cause health issues for your children and pets. Hence, it is important to make sure that it is perfectly clean all the time.

Amazing Household Tips – 9 Suggestions

Do you know amazing household tips that will help in your home? A home is the most valuable thing in people lives. We sleep, relax and eat in our homes. We spend years refurbishing, remodeling them and even decorating them, so as that they can suit our needs and reflect our personalities. You can save a lot of time and money by using everyday household tips to solve common household problems. Here-below you will find a list of amazing household tips.

Amazing Household Tips



  • Fixing Eyeglasses Easily



Do you keep tightening your eyeglasses screw? If you need to prevent your glass screws from loosening, you can apply a small drop of nail polish to the screw threads before tightening them.Amazing Household Tips



  • Removing Permanent Marker Stains



When you get a permanent marker stain on Tupperware or counters, you can use hand sanitizer to remove the stain. It will remove the ink from the surface effectively.



  • Use Hairspray to Get Rid of Bees, Hornets or Wasps



Hairsprays are made by chemicals that kill a variety of pests quickly, and the smell assists to keep pests away in the future. This suggestion is by far one of the most useful household tips.



  • Never Buy a Home or House Until it Has Been Well Inspected



Some signs of pest infestation can be easily recognized, but always understand you cannot know the kind of pests are hiding under the home until you stay in that home for a few days. You have to check all parts of the home, even those that have no signs of pest problems at all.



  • Maximize the Space



Divide the closet into three sections according to the length of your garment; 1) pants hanging from the hem or waist, evening dresses, and men’s suits; 2) dresses and women’s suits; 3) vests, jackets, folded pants, skirts, and blouses/shirts.



  • Clean Mirrors with Air-freshener



Use air freshener to clean your mirrors. Air-freshener does an excellent job and leaves a pleasant smell to the shine. Doing this will Kill two birds with only one stone.Amazing Household Tips



  • Dusting Artificial Flowers



When cleaning artificial flowers, pour salt into the paper bag and add flowers. Shake it vigorously until the salt absorbs all the dirt and dust and leave the artificial flowers looking like a new one.



  • Ants Can’t Stand the Smell of Cloves!



Cleaning service professionals say to aid in preventing and repelling ant infestations spread cloves on the ant trails, i.e. Places like in the kitchen cabinets and under the sink.


By using these amazing household tips, you will save a lot of energy, money and time. These tips are sure to make your time at home more relaxing and less stressful.