Living Room Cleaning Tips

If keeping your house clean and organized is your resolution for New Year then the checklist provided in this write-up can help you in cleaning your living room. A living room is a room in a household in which you spend most of your time with your family. You can improve the looks and d├ęcor of your living room by keeping it clean and furnishing with the best materials you have. Living room cleaning tips provided here below can help you in this regard.

Living Room Cleaning Tips


Checklist to Clean Your Living Room

In order to understand the importance of this checklist, you are recommended to read this write-up until the end. If you want to save it for future you can print this list to preserve. You can clean your living room effectively by following the tips given underneath.

Equipment Required to Clean the Living Room

  • Glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Two boxes or bags
  • Furniture polish
  • A vacuum with dusting attachments to clean upholstery and crevice

Align the Things: If you clean your living room in a routine then you may have it in good condition and can clean it with little effort. But if its condition is below expectations even then you should not worry much about cleaning it as it may take some more time to clean it effectively. You should start with dislodging dirt on your curtains by opening them and shaking them carefully. Put the trash in the box or bag you have. De-clutter the room by gathering the things belonging to some other room and putting them in another box. Now organize the remaining items like toys, DVDs, CDs, games and other items used in this room in routine at their proper place.

Cleaning Hard Surfaces: after removing dust from your curtains you should now start dusting the hard surfaces in your living room with the help of a slightly damp microfiber cloth. You Living Room Cleaning Tipsshould clean the furniture, window casing, lamps, TV screen, and its cabinet and other decorations in the room thoroughly. You can also polish your furniture by using a lint-free dry cloth. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean and polish all the glass surfaces in the room including glasses on picture frame, tabletop, fireplace doors and windows in the interior etc. you should also clean door knobs, power switches and jambs of the doors etc.

Cleaning Soft Furnishings: You can use upholstery attachment on your vacuum to take out strange items like crumbs etc from under the cushion of your soft furnishings. Along with vacuuming the sides, back and front of your sofa you can also vacuum near the base of your heavy furniture and walls as well as throw rugs and lampshades. Now you can use normal vacuuming head to floor lamps, floors, and footstools etc.

Finishing Touch: In order to wind up the cleaning of your living room, you should spray an air freshener in the room to refresh its entire air. You should away your vacuum and other cleaning supplies along with the boxes in which you have collected the trash. The items of other rooms should be replaced in their proper place.


A clean and well organized home can allow you to live in a healthy environment throughout the life so far as you take care of its cleanliness. But, while cleaning your home your focus should be more on your living room as most of your time will be spent in it. Thus, the living room cleaning tips provided here above can help you in cleaning it thoroughly and effectively.

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