How to Clean Carpet – a Step-by-step Guide

When your home has carpeting as flooring, it deserves extra attention. If you have pets or kids at home too, then you must have to deep clean the carpets every now and then. One of the best ways to deep clean the carpet is the steam cleaner. If you are wondering how to clean carpet if you do not have a professional tools or equipment, then do not worry. Here are some amazing solutions for cleaning the carpet easily and efficiently.

Cleaning with the Baking Soda

To properly clean stains on your carpet, you will need baking soda along with warm water, an old toothbrush and clean towel. Now follow these steps to clean the stains on your carpet:

Step #1: First you have to get a bucket of warm water along with the brush and clean towel. Now, you need to vacuum the entire area of the carpet that you wish to deep clean to remove excess dirt and dust.

Step #2: Then, sprinkle the baking soda over the stain until the stains are fully covered. You can also use a bit of dish soap to sprinkle over the stubborn stains.

Step #3: With the help of an old toothbrush, scrub the stained area gently with the warm water. Do not be harsh on the carpet as it can get damaged.

Step #4: Now take the clean towel and dab on the area. If the stain is still there, then repeat the entire process again unless and until the stain is gone.

Cleaning with the DetergentHow to Clean Carpet

Cleaning doesn’t only mean stain removal, it also means cleaning of the dirt, dust and pet hairs from the carpet as well. For such a deep clean process, you will need a mixture of water and some detergent. You can also use table salt along with clean cloth towels. Now, follow these steps to deep clean the carpet:

Step #1: Mix a tiny bit of soap with the water in a spray bottle. Now shake it gently to mix the entire soap and water perfectly.

Step #2: Now, sprinkle the table salt over the area of the carpet that you want to deep clean. Also, sprinkle some baking soda too. After this, you have to spray the mixture of soapy water lightly over the entire area.

Step #3: Now, brush the carpet in one direction with the help of the brush to accumulate all the pet hairs and debris. Press the towels in the carpet to absorb the water.


So, do you know how to clean carpet? These are the two best ways to clean your carpet. If you want to make sure that the carpet is cleaned regularly, and they are free of stains, then make sure to use these methods in your home. Carpets full of dirt and dust can cause health issues for your children and pets. Hence, it is important to make sure that it is perfectly clean all the time.

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