How to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom – Tips from the Pros

How to clean your house from top to bottom? If cleaning your home is that task that gives you nightmares, this article will bring you some relief. Cleaning, in general, is presumed to be a boring and daunting task. People put off cleaning their homes for as long as possible until one day they get a call from an old friend who is in town and wants to pay them a visit. Walls start crumbling down then, and cleaning the whole house within the limited available time seems like a gigantic task. Fortunately, cleaning your house from top to bottom isn’t as unnerving as it appears to be. Here are a few tips that will help.

How to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

Start with the Living/Dining Room

If you are cleaning because you are anticipating company, iHow to Clean Your House from Top to Bottom t is a good idea to start with your living/dining room out of your entire household, as this is probably the area where you’ll be hosting your guests. Get your laundry basket and put everything that does not belong to the living/dining room into it. Next, get that vacuum cleaner out of its hiding place; it’s time to use it. Pick a corner and start from there. Always clean the carpet and the floor in the end. This whole process will take about 15 minutes.

The Kitchen Should Be Your Next Stop

I personally find it difficult to be pally with people who keep a messy or grubby kitchen. When I plan to have guests over, I always ensure people see a spick-and-span kitchen. All the dirty dishes go into the dishwasher and the burners are cleaned with a wet sponge. The same wet sponge is rinsed with water and soap and used to clean cabinets and counters. I use hot soapy water to clean my sink. When paucity of time is an issue, I generally stay away from reshuffling things around.

Guests, Sometimes, Stay Over

Since you never know what plans will come up, it’s always a good idea to be ready for anything and everything. If you are expecting company, do not ignore your bedrooms. Get fresh linens, if possible. If you do not have fresh linens, use a linen spray to give your used linen a fresh feel. Make your bed. The pillows should be in the right place. Add layers to your bed with a pretty duvet cover and a comfortable comforter. Once you are done making the bed, make sure everything extra in the bedroom goes in the laundry basket. Finish by cleaning the furniture and the floor. The bedrooms will demand about 15 minutes of your time.

Why Should Bathrooms Be Ignored?

Start by throwing empty bottles. All those shampoos and conditioners that are almost over must immediately go. Stock your bathroom with new supplies. A clean hand towel is a must. Once you are done with this, use a bathroom cleaner to clean the mirror, sinks and other surfaces. If you do not have a bathroom cleaner, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean mirrors, windows, and surfaces. Finish by cleaning the floor.

Bottom Line

Don’t know how to clean your house from top to bottom or keep it clean? Cleaning your house from top to bottom is an easy task if you have everything you need at your disposal. A few things that assist with house cleaning are brushes, dusters, microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaners, paper towels, bathroom cleaners, vinegar, and bicarbonate soda. In case you are running out of any of these, make sure to stock them back on your next trip to the supermarket. You never know when an unexpected guest decides to show up!


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