How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint – Protecting Flat Paint

It can be overwhelming to walk into your home and see stained walls. Visitors may think that you do not take care of your home. Of course, walls will pick up all manner of stains and you have to deal with them. One of the easy solutions is knowing how to clean marks off walls with flat paint. 

How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint

Cleaning walls should be part of your household cleaning routine. In this post you will learn how to get rid of marks on your flat paint wall. It will tell you the supplies you need and the steps to cleaning the marks completely. Keep reading and your flat paint walls will be spotless all the time. 

Establishing if Yours is Flat Paint Wall

It is important to figure out if you have flat paint walls. First off, the term is not the reference to the texture of your walls. Instead, it refers to walls with matte finish. This kind of finish is very good at hiding imperfections on walls since it does not in any way reflect light. 


When cleaning a house like a pro, you need to have the right supplies. To get the marks off your walls, these are the supplies you need;

How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint
How to Clean Marks Off Walls with Flat Paint
  • Eraser Sponge
  • Regular Detergent
  • White Vinegar
  • Paint Brush
  • Touch up Paint
  • Clean Cloth or Sponge
  • Foam Cleanser

Cleaning Marks Off Flat Paint Walls

Just like with all stains, you should remove wall marks as soon as you notice them. Leaving them for long makes them stubborn and you will have to do a lot of work before removing them. Here are the steps you should follow removing stains on flat wall paint;

  • Use a damp sponge or cloth to rub the marks. Be gentle so that you do not damage the paint. If the stains are relatively new, rubbing them will be all you need to remove them completely. 
  • In case water is not doing great, add some white vinegar to your sponge or cloth and keep rubbing gently. 
  • There are those stains that will not be removed by water or white vinegar. Use eraser sponge on them. The stains will give way and your wall will be left spotless. 
  • For the most stubborn stains, foam cleanser will do a good job dealing with them. Be keen to follow the instructions of use printed on the foam bottle.
  • To clean any residue left by the stains, mix a gallon of water with a tablespoonful of regular detergent. Dip a clean rag into the solution and use it to rub gently on the wall. 
  • Leave the wall to dry
  • Once the wall is dry, use the touch up paint to restore the new look on the wall. Make sure you are using the original paint of the wall. 

If you are unable to remove the marks yourself, a professional cleaning team should be able to remove any marks. They’ll have the right supplies to ensure your paint is not ruined. 

Bottom Line

When it comes to cleaning tips, it’s important to maintain areas with high traffic, and walls are no exception. It is not a hard task to know how to clean marks off walls with flat paint. As you can see, you require simple and affordable supplies. The rest is following the steps and your walls will be back to original glory.