Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is always a great time to air out the house and clean it thoroughly before winter. By doing some deep cleaning during fall, you’ll have an easier time preparing for the holidays. Here’s a fall cleaning checklist to guide you through the cleaning process.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

This checklist is broken down into categories that make it easier to clean your house strategically. The list is separated into tasks you can do inside the home and those you can carry out outside.

Inside the Home

  • Launder the beddings, pillows, and mattress pads
  • Flip/rotate mattress (if needed)
  • Declutter closets, switch out summer clothing get fall/winter clothing. This will help keep your home clean.
  • Clean window drapery/mini blinds
  • Wipe down window sills

BathroomsFall Cleaning Checklist

  • Re-stock toiletries
  • Clean combs/hair brushes
  • Replace toothbrushes
  • Check tile grout, touch up if needed
  • Deep clean shower head
  • Scrub shower
  • Wash shower curtain and liner


  • Clean the oven
  • Run ice and cut lemons through the garbage disposal
  • Check spices, especially baking needs, for freshness
  • Move the refrigerator to clean underneath
  • Dust and clean refrigerator coils
  • Defrost, clean freezer
  • Clean out the refrigerator
  • Clean the vent hood

Living Room

  • Wash all blankets
  • Clean window drapery/mini-blinds
  • Wipe down window sills
  • Wipe/dust down shelves
  • Move chairs/couches to clean underneath
  • Wipe down all door knobs and switches
  • Clear cobwebs
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean ceiling fan

Outside the Home

Once the inside of your home is neat and tidy, you can start working on the exterior of the house

  • Check the weather seals around windows and doors
  • Check steps for any repairs
  • Wash outside the windows
  • Touch up any areas that need to be painted
  • Pressure wash the houseFall Cleaning Checklist
  • Drain and store water hoses
  • Replace bulbs if needed and clean off light fixtures
  • Clean the BBQ grill, stock up on charcoal or refill propane
  • Clear any yard debris
  • Clean and store any outside furniture and toys
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Check the dryer exhaust pipe
  • Check the weather seals and caulking around windows and doors


  • Wash interior windows
  • Test monoxide detectors and smoke detectors and replace the batteries
  • Stock up on sidewalk salt
  • Stock up on extra batteries and flashlights
  • Stock up on candles and lighters/matches
  • Schedule an inspection of your furnace
  • Drain the water heater to get rid of sediment
  • Clean under and behind the dryer, washer and other large appliances 
  • Have the chimney professionally cleaned
  • Sweep out and vacuum the fireplace
  • Use an appropriate cleaner to clean the TV
  • Dust and clean the printer, keyboard, computer and other electronics
  • Replace the air filter and clean the cover

If you have any other devices such as a home security system, portable chargers, door lock management system, home surveillance camera or smart thermostat that use batteries, be sure to change those batteries as well. Changing the batteries in these appliances is a simple habit that can keep your home safe.

Bottom Line

It is important to clean a messy house. This fall cleaning checklist will make your upcoming fall and winter seasons much more enjoyable. Making it a habit to clean your home might also save you some money and prevent further damage to your property. Spare some time to take care of these tasks during fall before the weather turns colder and all you feel like doing is lounging on the couch.

Carpet Cleaning Process

The carpet cleaning process you follow determines the final outcome. I mean, what is more fulfilling than going back home to a clean and fresh house? A clean carpet boosts your home’s appearance and improves your health by reducing dust and other allergens that might cause an allergic reaction.

Carpet Cleaning Process

There are different approaches to clecarpet cleaning processaning your carpet, depending on how messy it is. Below is a comprehensive guide you can follow to achieve your desired level of cleanliness.

Inspect Your Carpet

You need to inspect your carpet to assess the degree of dirt you are dealing with and determine the type of detergents to be used. Identify the problem areas where you will pay more attention to during the cleaning process.

Protect the Surface

Before starting out on the whole process, make sure to protect all the surfaces in your house. This includes floors, walls, and corners. You don’t want the cleaning damaging them.

Vacuum Your Carpet

For exceptional results, vacuum forward and backward, left and right. By doing so, you are sure to thoroughly clean each fiber. How often you should vacuum your carpet is dependent on factors such as whether you own a pet or not, whether you have kids or not, and whether you have regular visitors or not. Basically, you should clean your carpet whenever it accumulates dirt as a basic vacuuming tip.

Spot Cleaning

Identify all stains such as pet stains, food, tomato and wine stains and more left after vacuuming and use your favorite detergent to get rid of them. In this step, you are required to use a white cloth since colored ones might transfer their color to your carpet. Avoid using brushes, they can damage the carpet fibers.


Depending on your carpet type and degree of dirt, apply a pretreatment emulsifier. This helps to get rid of invisible stains and odor trapped in between the fibers. It is advisable to use non-toxic products that won’t damage the fibers.


Use a brush machine to get rid of stubborn grease lodged inside carpet fibers. Ensure that you use a soft brush to avoid damaging your carpet.


This method is recommended for specific carpet types. It involves the use of steam, followed by a rinse with 210-degree hot water. This step thoroughly cleans your carpet. You can also look into other technological methods to clean your carpet such as carbonated carpet cleaning

Post Spotting

This step is meant to clear any stubborn stains left behind after cleaning your carpet. You can, however, skip it if your carpet looks clean enough.

Carpet Protection

This step is optional but important. It helps your carpet maintain its original stain resistance capacity, making it look good as new. Always apply a carpet protector after every wash.


To promote faster drying, use high-velocity air movers. Apart from drying fast, your carpet won’t re-spot; retaining its sparkle till it dries up. If you have no access to air movers, laying it out to dry in the sun will do as well.

Bottom Line

The carpet cleaning process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, doing it over and over again makes it easier. If you are always busy and can’t find time to clean your carpet, you might consider having a professional to do it for you.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Odors?

It is very important to keep your home clean and smelling fresh. Hence, cleaning the odors is very important. When it comes to cleaning odors, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the pet odors. Well, that might be one of the concerns for odor but there are many more sources and concerns too. These include bathroom, smoke and food. Removing the odors can be quite tricky at times especially from carpets and upholsteries. so, does steam cleaning remove odors? Steam cleaning can be an ideal solution to get rid of odors.

Does Steam Cldoes steam cleaning remove odorseaning Remove Odors?

To know more about how the steam cleaning can be helpful for any type of carpet or rugs and how you can use that, read on. Besides removing odors, steam cleaning is perfect for removing dirt, dust and stains too. 

Steam Cleaning for Carpets and Upholsteries 

Steam cleaning is one of the best methods that doesn’t use any chemicals. It is a process that uses high temperature to heat up the water and the cleaning solution to form steam. This steam can permeate the porous surfaces like the carpets and upholsteries to lift the dirt, debris and odor for removing it completely without damaging the fabric or fibers. The steam is so strong that it can remove strongest odor too like the pet urine or anything else from carpets

Steam Cleaning in Bathroom

Bathroom odors are quite common. If not cleaned properly, there can be odors in the sinks, toilets and showers. These odors can be amplified due to the moist nature of the bathroom. mildew, mold and dirt found in the bathroom have a strong odor. They are also quite difficult to remove from the corners and surfaces by scrubbing. Even if you scrub them off, the odor can still linger. The steam can easily and effectively clean the mildew and molds. The best part is that the steam can enter into the tiniest of crevices and pores lifting and removing the molds and dirt. Thus, it can help to disinfect the surface effectively leaving a cleaner surface. This is more effective than any other chemical solutions available in the market.

Why is Steam Cleaning So Effective?

Steam cleaning is highly effective in removing odors and tough stains such as tomato sauce and is better than the cleaners that you purchase. The odor cleaner that you purchase from the market do not actually remove the odor. They add a fragrance to the house that is temporary in nature. But if you are looking for a permanent solution, then steam cleaner is the best. The steam can permeates deep and lift all the bits of odor in your house. This ensures that the odor doesn’t return back again.

In Conclusion

So, does steam cleaning remove odors? Then most probably you know the answer and truth or facts behind it. A fresh smelling house is always the best thing as this gives you a pleasant and fresh vibe. You need to throw away the temporary fixes and try this steam cleaning solution or make your own spray on carpet cleaner. It is quite helpful and effective in nature. Once you’ve cleaned and removed the odor, you can look into restoring your carpet to make it look brand new.

Best Dusting Method

When it comes to dusting, the first rule is to know which tools to use and which ones to avoid. For instance, feather dusters are often used for dusting but they’re far from effective. Rather than capturing dust, they simply spread it from one surface to another. A more effective dusting tool is an electrostatic duster, a microfiber duster or a soft cloth dampened with water. Now that you know the right tools to use, here are a few tips on the best dusting method.

Best Dusting Method

Do you have a messy house? There are several ways you clean your home. This article outlines some of the best dusting strategies for those hard-to-reach areas in your home.


When cleaning a home, many people miss cleaning their walls. For cleaning walls, a vacuum with multiple attachments is the most efficient tool. If you want to capture the most dust and clean the walls without making a mess, work your way from the top down.


A wet cloth will be quite effective at tackling those dingy spots. Lightly spray the cloth with an all-purpose cleaning solution or water and run it over the baseboards to whisk away debris in a flash.


Kitchen cabinets are notorious for trapping dust in those intricate carvings and tiny nooks. Use a clean makeup or natural bristle brush to get at the trapped dust before wiping with a microfiber cloth.

ElectronicsBest Dusting Method

When cleaning electronics, it’s crucial to always make sure they’re turned off before cleaning. Electronics such as DVD players, printers, stereos, TVs and computers are notorious dust magnets. You can use a soft, long-handled brush to collect dust from the crevices then gently swipe with a microfiber cloth. Also, spare some time to vacuum dust from around vents and cords because, along with pet hair, it can clog outlets and machines.

Soft Toys

Put fabric dolls, teddy bears and beanbag critters into a plastic bag with one cup of baking soda. Seal the top of the bag then go with the items outside so you can shake them well. The static and the baking soda will draw out the dust and soil from the toys’ fabric. Remove items one by one, shake off the baking soda then use a brush attachment to vacuum the rest.

Behind Appliances

Over time, grease, crumbs and other debris will accumulate behind your refrigerator and stove, providing a source of food for insects and pets. If possible, move the appliance out from the wall and unplug. You can lift the dust from behind the appliance using a long-handled, a sponge mop that’s slightly damp, then wipe the walls and floor with hot soapy water.

Best Dusting MethodVents

Use an electrostatic mop or vacuum attachment with a soft brush to remove heavy dust from appliance vents, ceiling or floor, then wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth. Use hot soapy water to rinse any removable, washable AC filters and air-dry before reinstalling.

Bottom Line

Dust is inevitable, that is why it is important to consider dusting tips. But with the best dusting method in mind, you can stay on top of it and minimize your exposure to dust. With a few smart strategies and the right approach, you’ll have nothing left to sneeze at.


Carbonated Carpet Cleaning – Pro Tips

Carbonated carpet cleaning is one of the best solutions for carpet cleaning. It is done by a solution that contains millions of microscopic carbonated cleaning bubbles. This technology is specially designed for penetrating deep into the fibers of your carpet. It can break down the dirt and grime off the fibers effectively. There are a lot of benefits of this carpet cleaning method and thus it is getting more and more popular these days.

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

There are several ways to prevent a dirty carpet, like vacuuming regularly, but if you have an unfortunate incident like a pet mishap, then carbonated carpet cleaning is your answer. To know more about the carbonated cleaning method for the carpet, you are at the right place. The concept of the carbonated cleaning is to use the club soda as the main active agent for removing all the stains from the carpet. This provides an unparalleled and unmatched cleaning which is really powerful. 

Carbonated Carpet Cleaning

Keep the carpet clean for long time

This is a great and advanced method for cleaning carpet. It doesn’t waste too much of water for cleaning the carpet or any upholstered items. Therefore, you will either have to use any soapy cleaning chemicals nor do you have to use a lot of water to clean it. The carbonated carpet cleaner do not have any detergents or soap in them. It can also keep the carpets clean for a longer period of time. This will be also beneficial as you do not have to clean the carpet every now and then, along with vacuuming your carpet. Also, you do not have to worry about drying the carpet. This will not make your carpet moist encouraging the growth of mold and mildew in it.


Eliminating the reappearing of the carpet stains

If you are facing the problem with the carpet stains, then you must have noticed that these stains keep on reappearing even after cleaning them properly. Even if you rent a carpet cleaning service to get rid of them, you will see the stains appearing once again after a few days or weeks. This can be a major problem for the carpet. But with the carbonated cleaning method, it can be really easy for you to get over it. 

This can eliminate the problem of the stains reappearing on your carpet. No matter how much you use steam cleaner or scrubbers, these stains are too stubborn. With the use of the carbonated cleaners, these stains can be cleaned permanently. They can be scrubbed off easily with the carbonated technology.


Final words

You can use the carbonated carpet cleaning method for cleaning your carpet. This method is highly beneficial to keep your carpets clean and make it stain-free. You can also call for the experts who are well-trained in cleaning the carpet using this method. Since this method has become quite popular, there are many companies that are offering this service. You need to make sure that you are appointing the best service that can provide wit the best in class carbonated cleaning service for your carpets at home. This method is ideal for getting rid of dirt, dust and dirt from the carpet. The carpet fibers contain a lot of dust and dirt which can encourage the growth of germs. This cleaning method will help you to get rid of it.