How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Inside 

Cabinets are a vital part of kitchen storage. It helps to keep everything well organized. But the fact is that they attract a lot of dust, grease and grime too. The oil, food or other liquids that are spilled on cabinets make them look worn and dirty. Since you might not have a lot of time throughout the week to keep your cabinets clean, the grime and dirt may build up over time. But luckily, there are some effective kitchen cleaning tips that you can use for cleaning the kitchen cabinets. So, read on to know abHow to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Insideout how to clean kitchen cabinets inside.

How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets Inside 

You can use some of the best tips to keep the kitchen cabinets clean. With the effective kitchen cabinet cleaning tips, you can clean the cabinets effectively. Here are some of those tips to clean the cabinets perfectly to have a clean home:

#1: Install Cabinet Hardware

If the cabinet drawers or doors do not have knobs or handles, then it is better to install them right now. This will help you to prevent the greasy fingers from touching the wood surface. When the metal knob is greasy, you can clean it easily. It is easier to clean than that of the grimes on the wood. 

#2: Use a Cabinet Shelf Liner

There are different types of liners that are available for protecting the pantry shelves and cabinets. This will prevent the freshly washed dishes from getting warped in the shelf. They are quite easier to wipe and clean than the wood. You can also purchase the shelf liner to protect your kitchen cabinets.

#3: Use Vinegar

You can use vinegar for cleaning the cabinets as a basic household tip. The vinegar can be a great way to prevent the dust and grime buildup. You cannot deal with the grease and grimes on the kitchen cabinet if you do not use the vinegar. You have to empty your cabinets first and then mix a solution of vinegar along with warm water. Now spray the mixture all over your kitchen cabinets. Spread it evenly outside as well as inside.

#4: Wipe the Cabinets with a Clean, Soft Cloth

You have to take a clean soft microfiber cloth to wipe and dust off all the dirt, grimes and grease from the cabinet. You need to clean the hinges, handles and knobs properly. You can also wet the cloth or sponge with clean water and wipe over the entire surface to remove the residues of grimes and grease. Once the counter is cleaned, dry all the surfaces thoroughly with a clean towel.


So, these are some of the ways about how to clean kitchen cabinets inside. You can follow these steps properly to clean your kitchen cabinets. Besides that, you need to prevent the grime and grease from getting splashed onto the cabinets in the first place. For that, it is important to keep the door of the cabinets properly closed. The cabinet door will help you to keep the grease and dirt away. In case you are finding it hard to clean the kitchen cabinets inside, you can also call for professional help. Keeping your cabinets clean is only one part of keeping your house clean from top to bottom and tidy.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore that everyone wants to avoid, but still does nonetheless. Whether you’re living alone, with roommates or your partner, it helps to know a few bathroom cleaning tips and tricks. While you can hire someone to clean, there are a few simple hacks that will check this chore off your to-do list in no time.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Tricks

We’re going to consider some bathroom cleaning tips that you can apply when doing your routine cleaning. The article explains simple household tips from using lemon to wipe water spots to sweeping your bathroom clean — keeping your home clean from top to bottom.

Use Mouthwash to Clean the Toilet Bowl

Mouthwash can come in handy for cleaning more than just your teeth. According to experts, your mouthwash can return your white toilet bowl to its former white color. Simply pour a quarter cup of mouthwash into the toilet, let it sit for about half an hour and scrub away.

Rub Lemon Over Chrome to Wipe Off Water Spots

Water spots are almost as unavoidable as they are unsightly. Fortunately, getting rid of them is simple and cheap. All you need is to rub lemon over stained chrome fixtures and those unsightly spots should be gone instantly. Citrus will also mask any unpleasant smells in your bathroom.

Use Black Tea to Restore Your Mirror’s Shine

All too often, your mirror gets fogged with dust, water stains and other debris. If you want it to be spotless then the solution is black tea. Simply take a cup of boiling water and add a few bags of black tea, give it some time to cool and use the resulting solution to clean your cloudy mirror. Tea contains tannic acid which will dissolve any dirt, leaving you with a clean, spotless surface. You can also use this trick if you’re cleaning your room

Put Your Toothbrush Holder in The Dishwasher

Toothbrush holders often succumb to disgusting grime and guck. But washing this often-neglected accessory is barely a chore. Simply throw it in the dishwasher and you’ll have a spotless toothbrush holder in no time.

Sweep Your Bathroom Clean

Rather than scrubbing your bathtub with a lame old sponge, cover it in soap then scrub it with a clean broom. Finally, rinse it until all the suds are gone. Cleaning with a broom will achieve the same cleanliness as cleaning with a sponge. However, using a large long-handed brush will require much less effort and is a clean house tip you should use throughout your home.

Use Nail Polish to Prevent Rust

Metal cans sitting inside your shower getting wet all day are highly likely to rust, ending up with marks that are hard to clean. But if you want to prevent rust stains and spend less time scrubbing away stains, painting a coat or two of nail polish around the rims of items that are likely to rust will help to prevent rust stains.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of bathroom cleaning tips and tricks that will make cleaning your bathroom a breeze and keep your home nice and tidy. Some additional tips to consider include throwing your bath mats in the washing machine and cleaning your shower curtains with soap and bleach. The best part is that all you need are a few everyday items and you can keep your bathroom squeaky clean.

Cleaning Your Room Checklist 

Your bedroom is where you retreat to relax after a long day. To make sure you enjoy your time in the bedroom and make the most of your resting time, it’s important to clean it regularly and keep it free of dirt and debris. Here is a simple cleaning your room checklist to consider the next time you’re tidying up and giving your room a deep clean.

Cleaning Your Room Checklist 

Your cleaning your room checklist should include having all of the necessary supplies, starting with a once-over and more. 

SuppliesCleaning Your Bedroom Checklist

  • Garbage bag
  • Lint brush
  • Glass cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • Long handled duster
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Boxes or bags for items that belong elsewhere

Cleaning Steps

Start with a Once-Over

Tidy up your room as you would every day, but don’t bother making the bed.

Gather Items That Don’t Belong In The Room

Collect all the items that don’t belong in your bedroom and put them in a box and set it aside. This is a household tip to follow all throughout your home as well. Gather up any other items you no longer want to keep including decorations and put them in a separate box/bag to donate. Pick up all the trash, including any under the nightstand, bed or dresser and put it in the garbage bag to keep your items nice and tidy.

Remove Your Linens

Remove all the curtains and drapes that gather lots of dust. Remove all linens from the bed, including pillows but leave the mattress cover. Take all these items to the laundry room for washing or take them to the laundry if they must be dry-cleaned.

Start Dusting

When dusting, start working your way from top to bottom, then left to right. The trick here is to avoid scattering dust over surfaces that you’ve already cleaned. You can also follow these tips for your living room or any other room in your home. 

  • Unhang any pictures from the walls and place them on your bed
  • Use a long-handled duster to dust the ceiling fan. Alternatively, slide the pillowcase over the blades and run the edge back and forth so that the debris falls right into the case.
  • Starting at the door, dust the ceilings, walls, window moldings, around windows, corners and baseboards.
  • Wipe the picture frames with a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the front with a microfiber cloth sprayed with glass cleaner.
  • Clean the inside of the windows as well as other glass surfaces in the room
  • Dust all remaining pictures and decorations
  • Strip the mattress cover and take it to the laundry room to launder.
  • Use a glass cleaner to wipe down light bulbs once you’ve removed the shade from lamps. (make sure the bulb is cool first.) Run the lint brush over and under the lampshade and return.

Treat Your Wood Furniture

Remove any sticky buildup on your wooden furniture and spare some time to cover up any scratches as well.

Clean the Mattress

Remove any stains from your mattress and vacuum it thoroughly using the upholstery attachment.

Bottom Line

Once you’re done with the above tasks, you can then go ahead to vacuum the floor, remove the trash, launder the linens and finally air out the room by opening the windows to clean the entire house. If you have allergies, be sure to close the windows before dusk to minimize pollen. That’s a simple cleaning your room checklist and some overall clean house tips to follow.