How to Remove Soap Residue from Carpets?

You need soap to get rid of virtually all types of dirt. But what happens when the dirt you’re trying to get rid of is (gasp!) soap? Because spilled soap can be a double-edged sword, in that the thing that makes it so great at taking out dirt – the foam – can be annoying when it sticks to a surface, especially on difficult-to-clean surfaces like carpets.

If the soap is wet, an easy way to get it off your carpet is with a vacuum. But you’ll need the right type of vacuum cleaner (wet/dry vacuum), with the right nozzle. If you can’t take this vacuum cleaning short cut, then keep reading.

Dependable Carpet Care insists, regardless of how the soap got there, you can’t just ignore it, and hope it will clean itself out. It’ll just attract more dirt (resoiling), which will suck in the long run.

Why Do You Have Soap Residue?

It’s not uncommon to find that a spot you thought was dealt with keeps “coming back”. One of the main culprits is that the last time you had your carpet washed, you or the cleaners didn’t wash or flush out all the soap. So it keeps coming back.

The bad news is that it will keep returning until it is adequately dealt with. That’s why it’s better to sometimes take matters into your own hand – cause you know exactly where the soap spot is.

Moreover, getting cleaners to do it might just cost you unnecessarily, cause you know they’ll charge you for the whole carpet. To be prudent, here’s how you can get that soap residue off your carpet. Hint, its hard work, so buckle up.

Removing Soap Residues From Carpet – DIY

How to Remove Soap Residue from Carpets● Depending on the severity of the soap residue, you may want to get a defoaming agent. Add that to plain water and use it to clean the affected area, it will drastically reduce the number of times you have to rinse.

● For the defoaming agent, you can try diluted vinegar (first do a test on a small potion of your carpet to see how the carpet reacts to vinegar).  Vinegar also kill bacteria and delays mildew growth which is great. If vinegar doesn’t work, there are tons of defoaming agents sold in DIY supplies sections at grocery stores.

● Actually getting the residue out mostly involves rinsing the affected area, again and again until all the suds are out. Try not to use too much water though, otherwise you’ll have brand new problems of your own (carpet itself or floor beneath the carpet might become damaged).

● Thoroughly dry out the affected area with a towel.

● Train a fan on the towel dried area, or switch on the air conditioner so that the carpet dries very fast. You’ll want it to dry in less than 24 hours so that mildew and moss won’t start growing.

Bottom Line?

How to remove soap residue from carpets, unfortunately There isn’t a magic trick to getting soap residue off your carpet. If you don’t have a dual function vacuum cleaner, repeatedly rinsing the affecting area is a tried and trusted method. And if you use a defoaming agent, you’ll be done much faster.